“Under Construction” by Guillaume Paturel

Impressive artworks, full of texture and movement, by Guillaume Paturel, were presented in New York on the gloomy, stormy Thursday, June 13. Despite the storm, a big crowd of art fans came to celebrate “Under Construction” Opening.

Guillaume Paturel, a French artist, has been an image-maker of world renowned architecture. After making thousands of digital architecture image projects, Guillaume Paturel moved to New York to work on his virtual illustration of the World Trade Center design. As for his paintings, Paturel began his work with the classical use of painting and illustration collage in the 90s, and since then he has been engaged in various creative projects. But he once promised a painting exhibition to his ill father in order to reconnect with him. Guillaume’s father inspired him in many ways, and Guillaume felt that he still never had a really deep relationship with his father…

Movement and changing are the main inspiration for Paturel’s works. He creates his large paintings on wood and canvas using supplies from hardware stores rather than from art venues. Because he literally builds his artworks – his goal is to reach a physical architectural project.

re:artiste at "Under Construction" opening

A close up of Guillaume Paturel’s artwork

Guillaume Paturel’s concept is “Everything is in movement and transformation”, whether it’s a city or a natural landscape. Even the viewers were not quiet or standing still. Paturel’s art engages in conversation, gives some food for thought.

The guests of the "Under Construction" Opening

The guests of the “Under Construction” Opening

Fascinated by Paturel’s “constructions”, his friend and art admirer, Philippe Achard decided to present the artwork at One Art Space in New York. This smartly curated exhibit is on view till June 26: 23 Warren Street, New York City.

reartiste at the opening, Guillaume Paturel

The guests at the Opening

Conversations. "Under Construction" by Guillaume Paturel

Conversations. “Under Construction” by Guillaume Paturel

Guillaume Paturel's  works are "Under Construction" and on view till June 26

Guillaume Paturel’s works are “Under Construction” and on view till June 26

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