Art Southampton 2013

Suburban life is not always quiet. Some “out of town” events gather people from the town as well.

Several art fairs were held during this Summer season in the most desirable city’s suburb, The Hamptons. Traditionally, Manhattanites pretend to hate summer season – they say the city is full of tourists, and “we are moving out of town”.  So are those segments of industry that do not want their loyal or prospective clients to get bored without shopping or entertainment: pop-up boutiques, antique shows, and art fairs.

Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden

Art Southampton 2013 was held in a big white pavilion designed to fit the relaxed village style. Before getting in, the visitors could enjoy the sculptures in the improvised sculpture garden.  Also by the entrance they had a chance to touch another “sculpture” – a Maserati auto, displayed right there, accompanied by a dj-music… Yes, Art and Business have been married for a long time.

What was the fair itself about? There were many captivating artworks, some of them were marked as sold. Big names, such as Warhol, were also there.

Artwork by Andy Warhol

Artwork by Andy Warhol

Besides, the artworks by local artists, including Hampton-based, were showcased at the fair.  Enigmatic mixed-media works by Darlene Charneco were demonstrated at the Praxis International Art’s booth.

Fragments of Darlene Charneco's artworks

Fragments of Darlene Charneco’s artworks

Praxis International Art gallery is famous for promoting modern and contemporary Latin American art, and its show at the Art Southampton was no exception.

Overall impression from the exhibiting galleries was, however, as if they wanted to entertain the public rather than to bring in something new and unexpected. Some interior design pieces were showcased as beautiful art objects.

Mollusque low table by Marc Fisher

“Mollusque” low table by Marc Fisher

There were photography exhibitions displayed in a way to make the viewers buy a series at once. Uncommon ways of creating artworks were presented, too.

Lipstick is a new paint!

Lipstick is a new paint!

This corner, where Marc Sijan’s poliester resin sculpture, All American, was demonstrated, gathered a big crowd. People took pictures of not only an art object but with the art object, too.

"All American" by Marc Sijan

“All American” by Marc Sijan

Amazing chandelier by Marcelo Segall, The Gun, caught the attention of a lot of visitors, too. It was displayed in a dark room, and as soon as your eye would bump into this unusual object of design, you would stare at it for a while…

The Gun by Marcelo Segall

The Gun by Marcelo Segall

It seemed like at the Art Southampton’s fine art was arguing with entertainment items, though impressive and artistic.

And those viewers who would get tired of browsing among various art objects could relax with a glass of champagne or a cup of espresso in a beautifully designed lounge area, with cozy linen pillows and fresh flower arrangements.

Cozy atmosphere at Art Southampton

Cozy atmosphere at the Art Southampton’s pavilion

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