Smart Networking is Essential for Artist Career

If you don’t ask the answer is always “no”. If you stay home nobody knows you exist. If you don’t show your art there is no chance to get discovered. These are examples of the common wisdom, however many artists still don’t know how to market their art, expose it and thus get discovered.

A year ago we created a group for networking, sharing, showing. Since then, “Art Terrace” has got almost 600 members: artists, professionals, art enthusiasts are among the group members. Every month we invite you to come over, socialize, share information, show and tell what you do. Workshops on what has to be done to pursue your artist career, market your art, and become a well paid artist were provided during the past year. One of the main ideas is “Do not wait to be discovered – work to be discovered”.

Our July gathering at Soho Photo Gallery

Our July gathering at Soho Photo Gallery

At our July anniversary meetup, artist and designer Kate Goltseva led a presentation on how to convert your fine art piece into a commercial project. Many artists want to submit their artworks to design firms, manufacturers, publishers. In such cases, often your art should be re-thought and re-imagined into a new artwork that can be applied to the certain project or object.

Artist and Designer Kate Goltseva at RE:ARTISTE's workshop. The

July workshop with artist and designer Kate Goltseva: the “Art Terrace” July meetup at Soho Photo Gallery

Besides, at our gatherings we’ve been discussing the issues of copyrighting and registering, smart social media presence, as well as psychological issues of setting goals and measuring your way to success.

We had studio visits and creative workshops, gallery walks and chats at the coffee table.


October “Art Terrace” meetup: Myles Bennett’s studio visit and the artist talk

We hope we are creating the society where creative individuals and art enthusiasts can meet and connect, where artwork can find its admirers. Do not stay inside your studio, office, or home: come out, come as you are, go public, show, show off, share! Find the people alike, and you will get inspired and informed. In many cases a half of your success depends on self-confidence and right referrals. Make people know you and your art. Make connections. Learn how to market your art in this tough environment. Through communication and smart networking you will get many more chances to bring your art to the public eye, explore new opportunities, and build your successful artist career.

“Art Terrace” meetup, July 2015. RE:ARTISTE at Soho Photo Gallery

Kate Goltseva with Soho Photo Gallery board member and professor at NYU, Lawrence Wheatman

Kate Goltseva with Lawrence Wheatman, Soho Photo Gallery board member and professor at NYU

Yubal Marquez Fleites (Arte Collective), Maria Kordova and Natalie Burlutskaya (RE:ARTISTE)

Yubal Marquez Fleites (Arte Collective), Maria Kordova and Natalie Burlutskaya (RE:ARTISTE)

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