Immersive Art by Kyung-jin Kim

Multimedia art is still perceived as an innovative discipline. To create a multimedia art piece means using various artistic tools, insights, media such as sound, film, sometimes music and performance. Artist Kyung-jin Kim designs the ‘machines’ and whole rooms offering a viewer an immersive experience. Along with creating sculptural elements made of an array of media, Kyung-jin Kim utilizes his knowledge of physics and math and literally builds architectural structures. It takes three days to assemble an art piece in the room.

‘Between the Periphery’ is an installation made up of two separate works, ‘Neither Here nor There’ and ‘Stage-less Stage’. The transparent divider allows for each work to be experienced together and individually.

multimedia art by Kyung-jin Kim

A transparent dimensional divider between two parts of the installation.

The work ‘Neither Here or There’ is created in the form of a model. It is a stage, projection screen, and a sculpture. The model is made up of four rooms divided by transparent walls layered together towards the center. The increasing layers of film make the center more blurry and mirror-like.

The screen curtain in the center mimics the division of this model. Two Google Earth videos are projected (playing forward and backwards) onto the transparent/mirrored structure, and in extension, onto the surrounding walls. The artist moved through this virtual map by scrolling the mouse. Since there is a gap between the speed of downloading the map images and the movement of scrolling the mouse, the landscape breaks down into pieces.

Kyung-jin Kim

The moving images of “Between the Periphery” are projected and seen through this structure.

“While I move, it is hard to recognize where exactly I am going; I often need to stop and wait until the surroundings become clear to decide which way to go,” – explains Kyung-jin.

The philosophy behind Kyung-jin Kim’s artwork is the move, in a broad sense: “As an immigrant, I realized the experience of moving to another location not only changes one’s viewpoint but also prioritizes information in both a conscious and unconscious manner.”

‘Stage-less Stage’ is activated by a frequency that is normally inaudible to the human ear. This sound source comes from a mobile phone and played through textile transducers and speakers. The sound equipment is attached to the main structure, translating its inaudible sound into a physical movement. Over time, vibrations slowly deteriorate the surface material (paper clay) of the structure.

Three chairs are positioned in such a way that viewers experience the works’ ongoing circumstances in a limited and partial way. As the participants move from chair to chair, the work changes depending on participant’s physical position in the space.

Kyung-jin Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1986. For six years, he studied sculpture in South Korea and Chicago. Currently he lives and works in NY.

Kyung-jin Kim’s art is more than a sculpture, more than a simple installation consisting of visual objects. What he creates resembles an immersive theater where a viewer is part of the process. A viewer is invited not just to look, but walk around, sit down, listen, see, interact. “Through sculpture, models, video projections, and orbital installation I create microcosms, enabling viewers to achieve a sense of void, gap, awareness and position in a macrocosmic way. My work is concentrated to materialize the process of how we encounter scattered data of multiple proximities and how we incorporate them into our own subjective memories/perspectives,” – Kyung-jin explains.

Kyung-jin Kim

Where the sound is coming from: a partial view of Kyung-jin Kim’s installation “Between the Periphery”

The installation “Between the Periphery” is on view at Gallery MC (545 West 52 Street, New York) through October 26. The project “Transformation” is conceived and curated by RE:ARTISTE International Art Organization. // Natalie Burlutskaya, Curator, RE:ARTISTE International Art Organization

*Photo credit: Yu Chuan Chang – all photos were taken at the art show “Transformation”, October 2017.

Artist Kyung-jin Kim

Kyung-in Kim with the viewers. Art show “Transformation”, RE:ARTISTE

Kyung-jin Kim

Kyung-jin Kim is in the center of attention at the Opening event of the show “Transformation”, RE:ARTISTE


Elements of the installation “Between the Periphery”, Kyung-jin Kim


Elements of the multimedia installation by Kyung-jin Kim, “Between the Periphery”


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