Transformation through Children’s Eyes

alina zalucki

The 8th-graders’ artworks presented by their art teacher, Alina Zalucki, at RE:ARTISTE’s art show, “Transformation”

When we started receiving entries to the juried exhibition “Transformation” in Spring 2017, we got an email from Boston:

“I am an art teacher in Boston and the 8th graders at my school are currently completing a social justice art project. There is some really amazing work being created and I would love to be able to submit a few works to the competition.”

Immediately we became very excited about this group of artists, all Alina Zalucki’s students. After we learned a few more details, we were sure we want to show children’s art at the exhibition. But considering the age, we do not want the teens to compete with adults. And we invited Alina Zalucki to exhibit her students’ art as a special project, “Transformation through Children’s Eyes”.

Often, adults underestimate how much children understand or concern and worry about. Here’s what Alina Zalucki explains: “Eighth grade is a transformative year for many individuals. At Excel Academy Charter School, East Boston, students began the year exploring their identities.”

The works selected for the show “Transformation” by Alina Zalucki showcase the five strongest artworks that were part of the Spring 2017 curriculum exploring a Propaganda theme.

“The idea was to target a specific audience and send a clear message that is important in today’s society. Students identified and developed an idea they are passionate about. Overwhelmingly, the ideas centered around inclusivity, diversity, acceptance, and celebration of differences,” – says Alina about her work with teens.

And three young exhibitors speak for themselves:

“The artwork is about the fight for importance between equality and politics.” – Danaya Holland

“My work of art represents unity and equality and how we should all have the liberty to pursue life in the United States.”– Gabriella Blanco

“I believe in unity. If we work together we can accomplish anything.”– Luis Cardenas

The show “Transformation” where you can view this special project, “Transformation through Children’s Eyes”, is on view through October 26, 2017 at Gallery MC (545 West 52 Street, New York City). Curated by RE:ARTISTE International Art Organization. For more info please email // Natalie Burlutskaya, Curator, RE:ARTISTE International Art Organization

*Photo: Yu Chuan Chang


Alina Zalucki speaking at the Opening event, art show “Transformation”, RE:ARTISTE International Art Organization

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