Environmental Food Chain

We are parts of nature – we are nature, the elements of the environment. Are we a joy or damage to our habitat, planet Earth? We are a hierarchical series of organisms, dependent on each other as a source of food, information, inspiration, or knowledge. Live organisms can’t survive without food. What do we eat, how we treat food and where is it sourced from?
All these aspects were explored at the art show “Environmental Food Chain” organized and curated by RE:ARTISTE at Gallery MC in August 2018.
34 international artists exhibit their artwork in various media, covering an array of genres: figurative, abstract, conceptual.
Art Show

Beatriz Glez Sa, “Human Waste” (I, #7)

The artworks show elements of our habitat and our interaction with it: the conditions we live in, the food we produce and consume, the inspiration we get.

The artists were inspired by the beauty of nature that gives us place to live, food to eat  AND  food for thought. The themes of the exhibited artworks are our healthy and unhealthy habits, the art of cooking, food and elements of nature as an inspiration for creating art and convey personal, social, and political messages.


Guillaume Bastien, “Cool”

Guest artist Trina Merry was working at the gallery during one full day creating a painting on a model’s body. This time the work of the renowned body painter was inspired by Daria Zhest’s “Digital Oracle”, also on view at our show. Zhest’s image features Google results when you type “the future” in the search tab. The piece was cascadely torn with a simple image processing algorithm, visually describing waves and thought process of future existence. The model painted over by Trina Merry appeared to be a pixelated object. It shows the digitalization of the environment we live in. Even now, reading this, you see the world in pixels.


No plastic cups or straws were welcomed at our show.
In order to make cups, all guests were instructed by Jacquelyn Strycker – the artist who demonstrated her participatory installation “Drink with Me”: a stack of coated square card stock with RISO printed origami directions how to make a cup. The process is simultaneously generous and frustrating, as well as it’s a work that brings people together as they help each another to fold their cups.

Participatory installation “Drink with Me”, by Jacquelyn Strycker

Last days to view the show are August 17 and 18, till 6 pm.
The theme of our current show also inspired us to conduct a workshop for the guests at our most popular ‘after-party’ networking event. Every first Saturday after the show openings we invite artists to gather at the gallery during the lunch time: to introduce each other in a more quiet atmosphere, have lunch and drinks together, exchange contacts, and share advice.
This time the workshop was provided by one of the jurors of the show, artist and coach Cyndie Burkhardt.
Art Show

Cyndie Burkhardt: workshop for artists and guests

The idea of the interactive workshop was to bring the show to life, creating a 3-D tactile and sensory response to the 2-D stimulus on the walls. Drawing from food themes depicted in the show and specific foods presented on the walls, artists tasted some of those represented and had a conversation together. Cyndie Burkhard answered questions such as how food affects you physically, emotionally, and artistically; how your eating habits and consumption affect the planet; and more.
We cooked and serve some cold meal inspired by the artworks we have at this show: cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto, blueberry pie, strawberry infused water, and more.
It turned to be a fun and yummy meetup where we were exploring the intersection of art, food, and life. Find out more about Cyndie Burkhard’s “Appetite4Life”.
Along with that, our guests had a chance to listen to Zoya Gramagin, an opera singer and frequent collaborator with RE:ARTISTE.

Opera singer Zoya Gramagin at RE:ARTISTE’s art show

Private tours are also being provided during the show. Request yours – email at info@reartiste.com



Amy Stoker, Chelsea Morgan, Rachel Porter, Peter Hiers, Benoit Jammes, Mahtab Aslani, Doris Leuschner, Anne Alexander, Susan Camp, Jacquelyn Strycker, Guillaume Bastien, Bryan Northup, Beatriz Glez Sa, Angelica Petryshyn, Jef Bonifacino, Nic Annette Miller, David Andree, Annie Cunningham, Michael Rundberg, Ben Rader, Lena Miskulin, Alessandra Sequeira, Jasmin Kajoui, Brooke Jana, Christi Ernest, Lori Goldberg, Betsy Bannan, Daria Zhest, Tammy McClennan, Valerie Rey, Stefano Lorenzo Cavané, Rosalind Brenner, Carol Scavotto, Jeanette Compton


PERFORMANCES: Emma Rosche-Ritchie (in collaboration with Trina Merry), Aelita West (theatrical character), Jacquelyn Strycker (participatory installation – making cups with guests)

JURORS: Leslie Tucker, Cyndie Burkhardt, T.Lawrence Wheatman, Hadieh Afshani

CURATOR: Natalie Burlutskaya

The show “Environmental Food Chain” is on view through August 18, 2018 at 545 West 52nd Street, 8th Floor // Natalie Burlutskaya, curator

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