Participation in Collective Art Projects, Building the Community

All artists are unique, vulnerable, and one-of-a-kind creative beings. Often, they feel isolated or even aim at isolation. However, your art will not be visible if you don’t communicate with the Socium.  It is crucial for artists to expand their audience. Taking part in festivals and community projects, or even building your own art community, can bring attention to your vision, manifestos, and your art.

Jayanthi Moorthy, a multi-media artist represented by RE:ARTISTE, showed the examples of collective art projects at our recent meetup, Art Terrace. One of those projects is “Assumptions” , which is also a part of the upcoming DUMBO Arts Festival. All the meetup artists were invited to submit their written assumptions for this installation the core concept of which is to provide multiple perspectives for self reflection.

Jayanthi Moorthy-assumptions-installations-spice-color-reartiste

Jayanthi Moorthy creating her installation, Assumptions.

An assumption is a thing that is accepted as true without a proof. We are constantly making assumptions about others or ourselves that constrains our mental process. Every now and then, we need to detach ourselves from these assumptions to let new thoughts flow in and feel the change in ourselves and in our perceptions of all that surrounds us.

The installation, Assumptions, can be viewed at DUMBO Arts Festival on September 26-28, 2014 at 1 Main Street, Festival Lounge, Brooklyn, NY 11201:

Jayanthi Moorthy

Jayanthi Moorthy

Another project presented at the Art Terrace meetup was “Art Fast”. The idea of  fasting on art was conceived in conjunction with the celebration of Indian holiday Navaratri. The participants are invited to give up one of their key techniques or tools to explore or/and discover a different art process. The project is open to the public, regardless nationality, religion or gender.
If you want to participate please email by Sep 15th:

The last day of the project will be a “Break The Fast” event and will involve a prayer, dance performance, music, and sharing of experiences by Art Fast participants.
More on events open to participants and the public will be reflected here:

Art Terrace meetup group in September. Talking about collective art projects.

Art Terrace meetup group in September. Talking about collective art projects.

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