Are You Being Seen, Heard, Present?

Nobody reads artist’s statements. Learn to tell an interesting story about your work that people can relate to on a personal level. – Teresita Fernández

We know that Art can be anything. We know that artists cannot live without creating. We also know that artists are humans, and thus cannot survive without food and at least a studio.

Have you ever asked yourself whether you are visible as an artist, whether you are heard? In order to have a successful artist career you have to 1) show your art and, ideally, 2) sell you art. But can you convey your message to thousands of your potential admirers if they cannot visit your studio? Can you reach out hundreds of curators who are still somehow unaware of your existence?

Are you being heard? *Artwork: Little Richard, by Jack Pierson

Are you being heard? *Artwork: Little Richard, by Jack Pierson

Here are a few pieces of advice for artists, amateur or professional, who are still in doubt how to say Hello to the world.

  1. Consider your Artist Statement your concise message to the world. Make it personal – by reading your first three sentences people will know whether they want to learn more about you or quit.
  2. Edit your portfolio and put it on your website, because your online gallery may be your most affordable storefront for a while.
  3. Be present in social media, because the internet may become your strongest amplifier.
  4. Get out of your home – socialize in creative and professional groups, find art enthusiasts, tell them about yourself. You can get lots of valuable pieces of advice and connections.

Sounds simple and like you knew it before? Well, at our networking meetups we still receive those questions: “Should I…?” and “How to…?” Be present! It’s all about the exposure and smart communication. If you believe in yourself, make others believe in you.

As an organization of art marketing professionals, we provide the services which can help many artists, amateur especially, find their voice in the community and reach out potential buyers. Follow our blog, learn more about our workshops and activities, join our networking group, or drop a note at

RE:ARTISTE's mantra

RE:ARTISTE’s mantra

RE:ARTISTE's networking group, "Art Terrace"

RE:ARTISTE’s networking group, “Art Terrace”

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