“Kiss Me or Cut Off My Head”

Do people really understand Art? Do people need to understand Art? What to do to make people understand Art? And – What can Art do for people?..

Do you ask or hear questions like these?

In order to make Art “work”, “serve”, or even “help”, we need to make it social and find uncommon ways to show it.

Being a universal language, Art, with no doubt, can be used as a social tool for bringing awareness to the issues we care about. “Kiss Me or Cut Off My Head” is a play adapted and performed by Brooke M. Haney, based on poetry of Sheryl St. Germain. Visual Art by Kate Goltseva, curated by RE:ARTISTE, complements the performance and adds rhythm and mood to the whole setting. Soho Photo Gallery was transformed into an avant garde theater where artwork on the walls is part of the narrative.

Medusa's Monologue, "Kiss Me or Cut Off My Head" the play.

Medusa’s monologue, “Kiss Me or Cut Off My Head” the play.

“Kiss Me or Cut Off My Head” is about female emotions, despair, and strength. It’s a contemporary retelling of the Medusa myth, which also tells the real stories of survivors of sexual assault.

Cross-disciplinary artist Kate Goltseva has been exploring the very raw material of the humans: instincts, sexuality, sensitivity. Her highly sensual art is sincere and revealing.

Curator Natalie Burlutskaya (RE:ARTISTE) and artist and playwright, Brooke M. Haney; Art by Kate Goltseva

Curator Natalie Burlutskaya, artist and playwright Brooke M. Haney; Art: Kate Goltseva

Talk backs after the performances showed how the viewers were involved emotionally: people would stay to talk, ask questions, share thoughts. Visual art pieces by Goltseva became more prominent when being part of the performed story. The play itself gained more hues and hints, when emphasized by visual art. Such an intersection of different art forms is an interesting and powerful way to tell a story and make art enthusiasts or haters understand art better.

Spectator's review: opera artist, Zoya Gramagin.

Spectator’s review: opera artist, Zoya Gramagin

However, Art is not just for Art sake. Being an aesthetic value, it’s not just a commodity, it’s an emotional language. Art has an ability to speak about human issues internationally, emotionally, and purposefully: in the case with “Kiss Me” the play, 35% of the proceeds from every ticket go to support Margaret’s Safe Place.

The show runs through September 5, 2015, every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 7:30 PM, at Soho Photo Gallery.

Brooke Haney as Medusa in "Kiss Me or Cut Off My Head"

Brooke M. Haney as Medusa

Day 2: Full House

Day 2: Full House


Actress: Brooke M. Haney; Visual Art: Kate Goltseva

Kate Goltseva, Natalie Burlutskaya (RE:ARTISTE), Maria Kordova (RE:ARTISTE)

Kate Goltseva, Natalie Burlutskaya (RE:ARTISTE), Maria Kordova (RE:ARTISTE)

Before the Opening, first visitors

Before the Opening, first guests

Mystery, by Kate Goltseva. On view at Soho Photo Gallery August 20 - September 5, 2015

Mystery, by Kate Goltseva.
On view at Soho Photo Gallery August 20 – September 5, 2015

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