Street Art, Legalized

“Something’s always happening here. If you’re bored in New York, it’s your own fault.” This was once said by a famous actress Myrna Loy, can be repeated again many times because it’s truth. New York City is changing, growing, growing up, and getting bold and cool. The most creative people, in all fields, come here to ‘try’, whatever the dream is. If the coolest, most gifted and active people were not born here, they become NYC residents at least temporarily, and make our city a real dope. A cult of street art, legalized, is one of the elements which gives our city a character.

From Basquiat to our days, the perception and appreciation of so called ‘street art’ has changed completely. Street artists are commissioned to create murals for famous brands’ store fronts. They are also invited to exhibit, take part in festivals, create for public spaces.

Just a year ago, in Summer 2015, an outdoor space, fenced and zoned by walls like by room dividers, opened in Coney Island. Curated by the famous Jeffrey Deitch, Coney Art Walls became the destination point for street art fans. Popular artists are invited to create a wall at this outdoor gallery. The second season of the Coney Art Walls introduced some new works. Visitors hang out here daily and free, taking a break between crazy Lunapark rides and plunges at the beach. It’s all here: the ocean, amusement parks, busy streets, food stands, crowds of beachgoers, homeless, commuters, and dressed up. It’s all New York and about New York, never boring.

Since the Bushwick Open Studios festival moved its dates to Autumn, Coney Island got an advantage to attract street art lovers with no rivalry. Don’t miss this sweet spot! …and here’s one more tip: any person, in any outfit, looks awesome standing next to a cool piece of street art – kill that instagram!

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