I Care For My Planet

Today the world celebrates the Earth Day again. Shouldn’t we celebrate it daily? We do not have any other home to live.

Our planet inspires us to live, create, search and research. Regardless any issues and troubles we can experience in life, there is always one source for us to get recharged – nature. A month ago we started our campaign #ICareFor – we’ve been asking female artists around the globe about their major concerns, desires, dreams – the things they care for the most. It’s no surprise that many responses are about our planet, environment, preservation of natural resources.

Artists are very sensitive people who can envision the future. That’s why their social activism is so important – through the artworks, artists can talk without words. However, in case with #ICareFor we asked them to speak up. We are featuring several artists today – from Australia, UK, Sudan, Italy.  Read their words of concern and wisdom.

Carole Elliott, Australia: “I care for our ocean life and ensuring our grandchildren will still be able to enjoy its beauty. I enjoy painting seascapes and support the Reef HQ Turtle Hospital in Queensland.”


Carole Elliott


Sara Awad, Khartoum, Sudan: “I care for helping my society get over wars and conflicts, and be united.”


Sara Awad


Cristina Pennacchi, Italy: “I care for the need to communicate through a contemporary language, the close relationships between Man and Environment.”


Cristina Pennacchi


Jude Roberts, Australia: “I care for young people’s and the world’s future environments. I believe making art in different communities and landscapes is a way to communicate these concerns.”


Jude Roberts


Rosie Somerville, UK: “I care for the importance of well designed man-made environments, cities, and their positive influence on human flourishing.”


Rosie Somerville


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