Show Your World – 2016

Show Your World: our 2nd International Juried Exhibition in New York City (Gallery MC, November 2016) became a real art festival. Artists from 47 countries sent their entries to participate in the show, the finalists were invited to exhibit original artworks, and artworks of other participants were projected on a large wall. A series of events – meetups, artist talks, a panel discussion (The First Supper) were hosted during the exhibition. Thank you, dear artists, for having made it so special!

The finalists who exhibited their original artwork:

Sheryl Haler (the winner), Olivia Hill,  Annie Cunningham, Junyi Chow, JJ Wolfe, Amina Sahan, Aya Ogasawara, Yu Chuan Chang, Claudio Di Lucia, Charlotte Oge, Chris Cardoza, Eder Sanchez, Henriette Roka-Aardal, Janette Mochnacz, Lindsey Stimpson, Petar Sabol, Rafael Corzo, Rod Sanchez, Samuele Evolvi, Shaun Bonneau, ONeil Scott, Talya Gitin, Valentine Louafi, Guy Yechiely, Ajit Menon, Mimmi Monell

Installation The First Supper: Hadieh Afshani, Shirley Siegal

Below please see the photos from the 2nd International Juried Exhibition “Show Your World“.  Get back soon – to be continued. Please inquire via email if you need a high-res picture.

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