Holiday Cards by Artists

Well, the year of 2016 is almost over. The holiday season is here. The year was not easy, and the biggest surprise was, perhaps, the result of the presidential election. At our international art organization we think that art is a powerful tool to speak up, bring changes, inform, and educate – a lot of things can be told, without words, through the artworks. Exposing artists to the world is our peacemaking mission. At RE:ARTISTE we do our best to discover and connect artists of different cultures, origins, and legacies. And we express our strong support to self-identified female artists, who, as we all know, are under-represented at the art market.
At this holiday season three female artists – Kate Goltseva, Hadieh Afshani, and Larissa Nowak – created their holiday cards for you. They are all immigrants who moved to New York not long ago. The main driving engine for moving here was the enormous creative potential of the city and its energy, which is built on diversity. Kate Goltseva moved to the USA from Ukraine, Hadieh Afshani is originally from Iran, Larissa Nowak came to New York from Brazil.”My art is freedom of spirit,” – says Kate Goltseva. Kate is a painter and graphic designer. As an artist, she has been researching and depicting people’s feelings and emotions, connections between present and past, reality and mythology.
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Artist: Kate Goltseva

Below is The Hope Tree, a holiday card created by Hadieh Afshani. 
A ‘double displacement’, as she calls immigration or moving from one place to another, is what Hadieh has been exploring in her works.
The sense of time, memory, hopes seen through intimate spaces is what interests Hadieh and so has been depicted in her paintings and drawings for the past 10 years (since her immigration from Iran to Australia, and then to the USA).
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Artist: Hadieh Afshani

The card below was created by Larissa Nowak, a photo artist from Brazil. Recently she has moved to New York – her NYC photo shows started in 2015 with an exhibit “Swimming Galaxies” – a fantasy where the artist played with the images of the synchro-swimmers and cosmic allusions. Larissa Nowak is particularly interested in depicting a creative process when a work of art – in any field – is being born.
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Artist: Larissa Nowak

We are wishing you HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Don’t lose hope! Happy 2017!

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